Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Flats from Terrace Bagel

The other morning my husband came home happily exclaiming that he had gotten flats. I was confused, what kind of flats did he mean? Flat tires wouldn't explain the cheerfulness. Shoes? Not a predictable fashion choice for him. Apartments a la Anglaise? We have our hands full with this place, I hoped not that. A portion of beverage? From Jetro perhaps? Now that would be exciting.

It turns out he had brought flattened bagels, his new discovery a Terrace Bagels. They had been encrusted with a density of seeds creating an effect you could describe as surprisingly artisanal for these parts. At 95 cents they are a little more expensive than the standard non-flat bagel. They claim that they are bigger, but I think they are just flatter. I've studied Piaget's concept of conservation of bagel and am not easily fooled. But irregardless of the size question the flats were actually worth all the excitment. No more inadvertent jaw wrenching.


Anonymous said...

My memory of flats is that they are much flatter than the ones shown in your photo. They usually have poppy seeds, onions etc. In fact they are often called onion flats. I realize that styles change, tastes change, life goes on and people think "irregardless" is a word. But respect for tradition has its value, if only to keep the younger generation off balance.

amarilla said...

My regards, philospher dude, whoever you are... Thanks for the language input. Where did you get flats when they were flatter and more oniony?

Anonymous said...

We're not talking about bialys here, right? Those are flat, bagel-like, and oniony.