Friday, March 1, 2019

Frames of Reverence

A wise man once said that when an individual shifts his frame of reference, things considered problematic may suddenly appear beautiful. He gave an example of the look of a loaf of bread that has split through the top, having swollen and torn during baking. His example reverberates with the hills and valleys of this semi-solid ball of stone we thrive upon, tearing and swelling to create valleys and peaks, rifts and ridges.

Having eyes to find delight in these contours may be innate or learned, I don’t know. I know that I’ve often been so enmired in what feels like swamps of disturbance viewed at very close range that no vision of beauty penetrates. That’s when things are at their worst and there’s desperate need for help, caring and support and a sense that none is forthcoming. One falls into a contusion of atavistic desperation. At those moments, struck by a very personal poverty, it is possible to perseverate about unaccommodating circumstances at great length, and slip deeper into the mire. Getting through this earthly rendition of hell, one can be surprised to find that one is still OK, still existing, and in many ways nourished- though perhaps not all.

After this kind of survival one may find that a small clip of sunset viewed between cold, grey edifices causes the slightest reverie, and though one remains held strongly down to the sad, trodden earth some small tatter of self flies off and lifts into the sky.

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