Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Pipicha from Rodri-Mex

Here's my new find, pipicha, which I bought from the Rodri-Mex farm stand at the Bartel Pritchard Square Farmer's Market. Rodri-Mex serves Windsor Terrace/South Slope on Wednesdays and Sunset Park on Saturdays.

I wont try to describe the taste, I will just say that this little plant is in itself a Six Flags of flavor. Hang on and try not to miss anything. Martin Rodriguez and his wife, whose name I shamefully couldn't parse because my brain is linguistically impoverished, told me it is used in salads. So is papalo, another tender herbaceous thing available there. Both herbs were available for $1 per bunch, a fact which causes me to weep with joy. Also on hand, the succulent parslaine, massive cilantro bunches, gorgeous radishes, eggplants, a wide selection of peppers and squash, melons, more, I wish I had taken better notes.

While we were there, Martin cut open a watermelon and offered it to shoppers, but my little daughter refused a wedge. I tried to explain that the only vegetable substance she eats is nori, because it is 2 dimensional. She shuns all 3 dimensional fruits and vegetables, they simply don't read as food to her. He gave me a worried look. People always give me a worried look when I talk that way.

At any rate, I weep with joy to have discovered such beautiful things available at prices I can afford in time to enjoy them for a few weeks before I have to resign myself to the usual suspects. I hear Sept. 20, or there abouts, is the end of the season.

Three of the best things I've discovered this summer begin with the letter P. Pupusas, papalo, and pipicha.

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