Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cloud Study at the Vegas Auto Spa

All I wanted was to vacuum the car with a machine strong enough to remove all the particles of Gold Fish snack crackers that always manage to precipitate all over the car interior. I was already on the tracks when they told me the vacuum wasn't working, so I shelled out the money for the wash, happy to go along for the ride.

The display of foam variations on the windshield proved an excellent primer for skywatching. We watched as the dashhboard view changed by the second. First, we got cirrus clouds.

then some classic cumulus

followed by altostratus, I think

things got very exciting when this twister came though

followed by these billow clouds

we saw gloomy nimbostratus

followed by some rain

which was chased away by some hot winds

I left the carwash ready for plenty of sky gazing in Maine next week. By the way, it's very cozy inside this car wash. Not so cozy when you hit 19th Street and it's really hard to see the traffic rushing towards you when you try to exit. Be careful! The graveyard is always a good reminder for that.

They need to create a no parking zone to the left of the exit, seriously, for some reason it's really hard to see, and people drive really fast on that road.

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