Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Bad Guest

When you are trying to test some one's sainthood, it is important to be as obnoxious as possible. My new skills in origami that I've acquired while on vacation have helped me attain a level of self-involvement that, well, I was able to reach fairly easily before I ever knew how to fold a crane.

This week I've learned to make a lily, butterfly, caterpillar, firefly, cicada, crane and housefly. I'm very proud of my creations and I like to leave them on the dining room table here at my mom's house. Her husband doesn't seem to like them so much. Whenever I'm not around he takes them off the table and dumps them on the bench that holds all the other detritus of people's lives. To my eye, they don't belong there. They are fresh and new, profound and full of life. So I put them back on the table, in the special empty bowl they leave in the middle of it. And then later he takes them off. Because to him they look rather like trash. So I put them back in the bowl. And then he takes them out of the bowl and puts them back on the bench, and puts the bowl away. So I have to just put them on the table loose. But now I only put the cicada there, since the others are starting to look like trash to me too.

So far, he hasn't said one word about any of this. 

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