Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dogs Named Brooklyn

She's the second one I've met. We came across her in Rhode Island the day we left for Brooklyn. Isn't she cunnin'? Look at those yellow eyes! Lovely and spooky.

We met her at the Boat House in Roger Williams Park where her owner works. He said he got the idea to name her Brooklyn from a Jay Z song. He said he sometimes calls her "Brook." Does anyone ever call Brooklyn Brook? Not that I know of.

That day we rented paddle boats in RI for 5 dollars a rider. My mom called it highway robbery but there was no highway around. I shared my craft with one who was 3 and another who was 6 so I had to do most of the paddling. The kids were on photo duty and I was making them work pretty hard.

My son took this lily. It was hard to get up close enough to shoot it without churning it under. He took one shot and I shouted at him "take it again, take it again." He got the shot below on his second try. Makes a mother proud, you know? Look how the yellow things in the middle writhe like flames. I had no idea. Looks like something you'd find in paradise.

By the way, the other canine Brooklyn I met actually lives in Brooklyn.


Lisanne McT said...

I do believe the boy takes after his mother!

Tell him, "nice shot"!

Anonymous said...

I've met so many dogs with the name Brooklyn and even kids! It must be one of the more popular names in the last few years.