Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Music at Fulton Ferry Park

We saw a bit of the Theremin Society portion of last night's show. Even the kids loved the woman in the red dress. When she left the stage, they lost patience and beat it. Too bad though because they missed some spooky moments when the performance sounded like whales calling under the endless thrum of the cars on the bridge above. Saw a minute or two's worth of February, wish I could've heard more, but it was late and as studies show, children need their sleep. One would expect February to be scarce in July anyway. Totally missed Cobra, but it's OK, I found a terrifying toy snake with flashing green eyes on the street coming home from work, so I'll manage.

I should say, the show was in the Tobacco warehouse, not the park. The park was off limits after dark, an obstacle for any wanting to get a close look at the waterfall under the bridge at night.

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drmathew said...

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