Wednesday, July 30, 2008

here to there

things that wouldn't have photographed well this morning:

a forest of weeds emerging from a sliver of soil in a driveway next to a convertible mini cooper. 4 feet tall, hardy, varied, intimidating, cutting complicated silhouettes. the one with the pale yellow flowers and leaves that swag mysteriously around the stem visited my dreams the night before last.

the boy running like a country pup beside the street sweeper as it grinds its metal brushes against the curb.

the expression on the face of the man driving the King Solomon food distributer truck when he's stuck at the bus stop because the street sweeper is talking to the man who got out of the sanitation sedan.

the man on the yellow scaffolding painting the place that was the pet store dull purple, eggplant in sunlight.

the story of the woman on the bus. this morning she splashed tuna juice on her dress as she made her son's lunch. when she tried to make eggs for breakfast she dropped the carton on the ground and broke 11 out of a dozen. i think this is extremely good news and she will have a wonderful day. from personal experience, i feel that when eggs break, they dispel misfortune. this job is primarily performed by baby birds.

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