Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lonelyville For Sale

This coffee shop in Windsor Terrace called Lonelyville, just across from Prospect Park on Prospect Park South West, is for sale. It's a gem adored by the neighborhood for all of the features that make is especially especial: the beautiful garden in back, the coffee, cupcakes, sandwiches, beer, wine, and don't forget, unsalted popcorn for the ducks in Prospect Lake. They have adirondack chairs and a bowl of water for dogs in front. There's penny candy in antique jars and a collection of thermoses so commanding it has to be viewed as art.

After 2 years of business it's up, running, wonderful, and self-sustaining but the owners need to simplify their lives and hope someone will take it on. Kitty and Sara have done a fantastic j0b, so much about the place is smart and tasteful and well designed, it is truly amazing. If you haven't visited, go soon, if only to appreciate the thermos collection. I wonder if that will be included in the sale.


Mrs. Motley said...

What? Oh, no! We LOVE Lonleyville. I want it to stay just as it is - Thermos collection, penny-candy, and all.

I just asked my husband if he thought we could get a small-business loan and buy it ourselves, but he thought that was probably not feasible. Damn.

amarilla said...

Is he sure? He could sell comics and portraits here! Oh, what do I know about it.

Ellen Horne said...

Do you know the owners? We've been wondering what happened to it. Someone might suggest to them that they put a note on their website.