Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Williamsburg Garden Party Saturday

I recieved an email from Keith who writes Williamsburg is Dead, and who amuses me. It goes way beyond any welcoming schadenfreude the blog's title suggests for the sparkling hipness and talent of those dwelling in that N. Brooklyn neighborhood I once called home. Really I did. His post about hipsters who weren't dancing at a recent pool party filled an empty spot in my heart, so I was only too happy to spread the word about an event he's put together for this Saturday to help raise funds for his community garden.

Here's what he wrote:

It's Keith from Williamsburg is Dead. I'm writing to you because I think you might be interested in an event I am helping to organize for the Red Shed Community Garden in Williamsburg. Basically, we are having a party this Saturday, July 12th from 2pm-Dusk. There will DJs, $2 hot dogs/veggie dogs, $3 burgers, and it's BYOB.

It's basically an event to raise money for the garden, and to invite people to check out a great neighborhood resource they might have otherwise overlooked. The Red Shed Community Garden (which some of you might visit if you pick up vegetables from the Hearty Roots CSA) is a great space where anyone who comes in and shows their dedication to the garden can eventually get their own plot to grow vegetables on. I help maintain the community plots, where vegetables and herbs are available to anyone in the community who wants to come and pick from them.

I have a feeling if you go, you could dance, if you want to.

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