Sunday, August 10, 2008

august dragons far and near

The whispy cloud that drifted over as I lay on Rockaway Beach looked like a dragon, or maybe a jumbo shrimp, and kept its shape longer than I expected it to. I came across smiley on PPSW on my way into the park this morning, and he didn't seem to mind the closeup at all.

But why is his eye out of focus when those hairs on his head aren't? My depth of field couldn't be that short, could it? Blimey!

Double click for hair action. For more dragonfly action, the real dope is here.


M.Thew said...

Nice! Perhaps a common sanddragon? (Quite uncommon, if you ask me, in its beauty).

amarilla said...

Thank you! You may be right. I'm uploading another picture that shows the tail better because I realize how foreshortened it is from that view.

Old First said...

What a beautiful dragonfly. I love them. I love they way they fly, and how they hover. They have kept their double wings, unlike flies and such, which keep them slower, like biplanes, but they can also hover like helicopters and hummingbirds, while flies and such have to keep moving forward to stay aloft. And they like to be colorful. There are small ones at our cottage that are brilliant blue.