Thursday, August 21, 2008

Mommy Camp, Day 4

Frolicking in the Eastern part of Prospect Park, where the delights included stilt walking, wool carding, plant watering, plank road walking, plant fondling, hoop rolling, log balancing and playing with old iron pans in the hearth of the double parlor at the Lefferts House.

At the discovery trail at the zoo, turtles played slap hands while a hefty saffron koi blazed through the water beneath them. The tiniest insect landed on my finger, it was the size of a pinhead but it still looked bee-like. A boy lost at the carousel got delivered to his people by its stone-faced operator, while mournful Andromeda, a wooden caryatid standing opposite the Wurlitzer in the center of the round about, was most likely the only female in the park who dared to go topless.

I gazed away for a second while my youngest daughter rode her wooden horse, and when I looked back again she was silently holding hands with the unknown girl riding next to her.

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