Sunday, September 28, 2008

Don't Fear the Reamer

But I expect you wouldn't, unless you happen to be a lemon.

I heart my reamer. Even when sick and mired in a torpor of self pity and discomfort, I find I willingly rouse myself due to the extreme satisfaction of mixing hot water, the juice of a freshly reamed lemon, ginger and some of the manuka wildflower honey I bought at Dub Pies recently.

I used to strain the grated ginger out before drinking the brew, but now I just leave it in. I guess I have fewer issues with pulpy fluids than I used to, isn't that special? Or maybe I'm just so mad for the stuff I can't be bothered with the fussing over the fibery strands. When I get to the bottom of the cup, oh, it's so sad, but my sinuses and chest usually feel quite a bit better.


Brenda from Flatbush said...

How's the DUB honey? I'm a sucker for unusual-tasting honeys.

amarilla said...

The label describes it as creamy with undertones of caramel. Seems more nuanced than what comes out of my honey bear, but I only have a few taste buds left, so I might be some missing key elements.