Monday, September 1, 2008

G'bye Yall Summer

The summer turned out to be so much more pleasant and cool than I imagined it would. Especially this freaky beautiful August, never to be forgotten. What happened?

I'm not finding it easy to move on. For strength, I've got my nose stuffed firmly in Ralph Waldo Emerson's underarm.


M.Thew said...

19th century armpits? Brave woman! While you're in there, you may want to try Whitman, for that grassy Indian Summer smell.

amarilla said...

Good idea. Maybe the smell will be strong enough to ward off all my hobgoblins.

Parker said...

Curious - I do actually happen to have my nose stuck in Whitman's beard right now. I just started a Whitman bio last night. Cheers for the Summer of 08!