Saturday, September 20, 2008

The GL's Suspension

I'm really sad to hear about the loss Robert Guskind and friends have suffered at the Gowanus Lounge. I don't know much about it, just that I don't like it. I think many of us who are clueless about what's going on are feeling more than a hint of the emptiness the GL seems to be reckoning with.

I hope they know how much all the time and effort they've put into the GL has been appreciated, and I hope they know that if they never do any more posts, what they've already done is far beyond what I ever could have expected, but have been delighted to receive.

In the interest they've taken in bloggers like me, The GL has provided alotalotalotta encouragement and it has really mattered. Not only that but they've been a comfort to many with their efforts to keep the bar of construction safety and civic decency high, and in helping reality challenged people like me keep it real. I think it matters to people to know the big Gowanus eye's been watching, not so much like the one on top of Mordor, no, an eye with a much bigger heart than that.

I know under certain circumstances you simply have to go underground, it's what you need to do. I want them to know they have all my support, for what it's worth, in doing whatever they need to, even if I'd be more than delighted to see a heartbeat any old time.


Anonymous said...

You seem to have at least some clue as to why Robert suspended GL.
I have read his two last posts, which seemed to indicate a "loss" of someone significant. Your post seems to indicate something more sinister: did he receive some kind of threat or did his host kick him off? Inquiring minds want to know.

amarilla said...

No, sorry, by "underground" I just meant internal or self-focused. Or coming to an end, as when the sun sets.

Sorry inquiring minds, I don't know nothin except that I miss the lounge. Which wasn't much of a lounge if it took 8-12 hours a day to put it up, as one of the recent posts said. That's a lot of work !

Anonymous said...

I never liked the GL anyway. Zzz.

amarilla said...

Zzz? Did you just fall asleep? Anonymous narcoleptic commentators are my favorite thing. Or maybe Zzz just means you were bored by it.

Anonymous said...

He lost his funding. GL was funded entirely by one donor.