Tuesday, May 5, 2009

2 lions and 3 suns

Nora kindly agreed to let me share her drawing of 2 lions dancing under 3 suns. I can't help wonder where this vision came from. I hope you can forgive a mother's pride.

I'm getting familiar with my new book, Ocean of Nectar by G.K. Gyatso. I bought the book because the title shakes me deeply, and also because I'm obsessed with Buddhist teaching presently, but last night I was delighted to learn that the text deals with the teachings of Nagarjuna, an important Buddhist philospher and poser of the tetralemma, a philosophical equation that some use as an antidote to the mindset of Aristotelian dualism. Just in time, as I was getting stuck in the quagmire of trying to speak Buddhist but sounding like a nihilist. Right-o Lisanne McT?

Anyway I opened Ocean of Nectar randomly this morning and had a sip, and found these lines written by a King devoted to Chandrakirti, Nagarjuna's chief disciple.

The the power of Glorious Chandrakirti
The mighty stone lion came to life,
And brought the Dhuraka war to an end
Without harming a single person.

There are many remarkable legends from that part of the world, not the least of which is the Life Story of Milarepa, a 10th Century Tibetan sorcerer turned Buddhist, also in the book pile.


F.I.B said...

That is an AMAZING drawing! You HAVE TO be proud...

ps - are you saying i sound like a buddhist nihilist?

Bluebird of Friendliness said...

A mother's "pride"....Get it???

amarilla said...

No, FIB, in your comment you warned me of the tendency to take idea that "nothing exists" as way of not caring about the world. I appreciated that.

Mrs. Motley said...

Wow, that is beautiful! You have a genius artist on your hands, there.

You coming out to Blogfest tomorrow night? Find me at the raffle table if you're there!

amarilla said...

Thanks Mrs. Motley. Sadly, it's looking like I might not be able to make it to the Blogfest. Why so may things have to happen on Thursday May 7 I have no idea.

Old First said...

What a fabulous drawing. So full of life and joy, and with a little bit of an edge, I think.