Thursday, May 28, 2009


Looks like another tree in the pea family is in bloom. Fab-aceae is right! Also sweet smelling like the Black Locusts (Robinia Pseudoacacia) blooming everywhere, but with much broader, softly diamond shaped pointed leaflets. I came across two of the trees thriving on the berm along Prospect Park Southwest, shading the pebbled concourse beneath it where I walk the kids to school.

I suspect the flowers could be called Papilionaceous, in which case the petal that backs the others and soars upward, and curls adorably backward in this species, would be called a banner. The two outer petals that dangle into the open air beneath it are the wings, and the central part, composed of two probably fused petals, the keel. The whole five petaled structure is a corolla. And so she sails.

Just in from Prospect Park: "according to one of our experts, looks like a: yellowwood—Cladrastis lutea" Thanks!!

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