Thursday, May 21, 2009

Fun with....

There is such a trove of playful ideas in last week's literary street find, E. O. Harbin's 1968 The Fun Encyclopedia, one could become easily overwhelmed. Thankfully he broke the book into chapters encapsulating the scope of different types of amusement. Some are Home Fun, Fun Outdoors, Fun as a Hostess, Fun with Seasonal Parties, Fun with Puppets, etc. If I were to write my own manual of fun today, these would be the chapters:

Fun with Appliance Repair
Fun with Computer Hackers
Fun with Sick Children
Mercury Retrograde Fun
Fun with finding your Lost Resume
Fun with Being Easily Provoked to Despair and Anxiety
Fun with Missing Work
Fun with Doubt

That's it for now! Don't worry, I'm signing off, but not for some Fun with Valium, or whatever people take these days. So what kind of fun are you having today?

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Kenmeer livermaile said...

After Fun with Housecleaning of A Strenuous Nature, there is Fun Visiting Someone's Blog and, perhaps later if the various joints hold out, Fun with Planting the Pepper & Tomato Plants.

I threaten to resume Fun with the Big Bad Novel in Progress, but that requires Fun with the Piled-Upon Desk in the Dirty Dank Dank Den....

So for now, Fun with Stravinsky.