Monday, June 22, 2009

Another From Sybil Colby

I plucked this from the pile of rotting music I can't get rid of. In the Masked Ball, the heroine Amelia falls for her husband's boss, the governor Riccardo. Guess what happens to their love? Hint, it's an opera.

My little one keeps quoting this line to me which she picked up somewhere: "Hey, who turned on the dark?" I really should know where she's getting her lines, she's only 4. So, who did? Maybe soon the sun will be able to take its mask off and tell me.

On Saturday I asked my son what he wanted for breakfast and he said "Romantic Comedy." I'll take some Romantic Comedy for breakfast tomorrow too, with some sun.


Matthew said...

Romantic comedy with a side of bacon: rom-com-con.

amarilla said...

Can can con, high kicks with bacon.