Thursday, June 18, 2009

Around Prospect Heights

Borrowed my daughter's scooter last Saturday to get to Prospect Heights for a morning among meditators. I passed through Prospect Park around 8:30 and couldn't believe my eyes there were so many happy, bounding dogs, it seemed like a canine utopia. I was a little jealous. It reminded me of Go Dog Go, a children's book which ends with all the dogs attending a party held in an enormous tree complete with balloons, extreme party hats, and many other tricks. Do you like my hat? Yes, I do! I do like that hat!

Perhaps one will be able to buy this book of great genius (P.D. Eastman is one of my favorite geniuses) at the new bookstore which opened June 16 on Vanderbilt. I believe it's called something like UN NA ME AB LE Books, (Used & New.) Mazel Tov! The store will be a nice addition to the Summer Streets scene on Vanderbilt, wherein the street will continue to be closed to traffic on Sundays from 1-5 throughout June. (What about July?) I hope young Francis and his parents will enjoy the proximity of this fussgängerzone.


Kenmeer livermaile said...

See? The window shot easily embraces the two worlds, inside from window and outside from window, in a way that places them both in a 3rd world -- your photo -- uing the window haze as bridge.

I don't know who's whom in the realm of photography, but I know what I like.

For comparison, this guy:

Writes old school metered rhyme. He's no natural genius but he's worked hard at his craft, keeping himself in the narrow bounds of metered verse both for the discipline, the art-refining crucible such discipline imparts, and, I suspect, to protect himself from the unforgiving wilderness of free verse.

Over the years, he's gotten to where some of his poems really shine in their niche (I especially enjoy The Rising of the Moon).

Your images make me think of what his poetry might be if he persevered another five years.

He has, alas, mostly thrown in the towel, but one can still see the gleam of promise more fulfilled than not.

password: vilsif

Swedish noodle dish w/gerkhins and herring.

amarilla said...

Blogger amarilla said...

Kenmeer, I'm really delighted to read your commentary on my image. Thank you.

It's the silent part that's responsible for any worth in the work I think, it stops me in my tracks and I couldn't tell you why I'm shooting, but still, I won't walk away until I'm done. There's a dialogue happening which I don't understand even as I'm taking part.

Kvond (frames/sing) recently commented that sometimes "we don't know why we write what we write," it's true also that I don't know why I shoot what I shoot, but I know I'm happy in that moment.

One problem I've had with painting and drawing is that I can't fool the stupid part of me into stillness so the unconscious part can do it's work. The only time I find this freedom from self-consciousness is when I'm doodling while talking on the phone.

Thanks for the link to the photographer. I'll look him up.

Kenmeer livermaile said...

Get yourself an old Fischer-Price children's phone and call yourself up.

The link is to a poet. Him not photographer (as I'm sure you know, and surmise your subcon was pulling a tricky on you?) although the images he posts are pretty nice.

password: lother

I'm not gonna touch that one. Has some kinda Freudian film over it.