Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good Ideas

Thankfully replacing these five-year-old bulbs was not the daymare I thought it would be. They'd been so reliable I began to think they'd never wear out. The elegance of halogen bulbs is that, unlike in other bulbs where the tungsten filament wears out through evaporation, the halogen gas in the bulb binds with the evaporated tungsten from the filament and redeposits it on the filament. Too clever! Srsly!

My father loves to tell the story of Thomas Edison's invention process, how he'd sit on a chair with a marble in his hand, basically falling asleep, but never soundly, because as soon as he did he'd drop the marble and wake himself up. I wonder how he learned to mine that insane/profound zone between sleep and awake for the answers he was looking for. Apparently dropping a marble is very different from losing one.

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