Saturday, June 13, 2009

Linden on Prospect Park Southwest

The Linden trees now flowering hide their constellations of blossoms under petticoats of leaves, so one might seem like a pervert kneeling below their boughs trying to catch the picturesque view of the shrouded milky ways which seems to hum with songs out of hearing. Perhaps the sheltering leaves have helped preserve the flowers in favor of attracting the bees and their expertise, who will get woozy on premium nectar. But they did little to hide me, there on my knees, again.


Marie said...

I read somewhere that the Tilia tomentosa nectar kills bees?

It's the most delicious scent.

amarilla said...

That's interesting. I just read that the narcotic nectar only kills the over indulgent junkie bees, not the disciplined worker ones. Keeps the ranks tight, I guess. I wonder if I've got the right impression.