Monday, July 27, 2009

creature from the lake

We fished this out of Prospect Lake yesterday, at a spot the fisherman angling nearby called "The Alley." He says he and his brother are working on a map of the lake with the areas labeled according to their idiom, something I'd love to see.

The creature clings to the stems of duckweed, pulling them down. It is tubular, worm-like, still, lined with a fine visible strand of tissue resembling a slinky, a kinky slinky. I wonder if it's some kind of hydra. Whatever it is, it seems to be in good condition, no doubt thriving in the lake filled with the water sluicing in from the New York City water system, which serves up what some know as "The Champagne of the Adirondacks." It is amazing water, having gotten used to it, I can't drink DC water anymore.

Please double click the image to see it in more detail.

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