Wednesday, July 22, 2009

marsh whites, mostly

The White Crab Spider eating a fly, its face surprisingly human, its abdomen, suprisingly face-like. The Egret I saw a little later, too fast for my shutter finger.


persuede said...

as always, lovely pictures. and no matter how lovely, we all must eat, no? somehow reminded me of this crab poem

new york city garden said...

That's a nice catch -the spider. Reminds me of the completely bright yellow spider I would see in the same position on yellow garden flowers in Maine. Barely see them.

amarilla said...

Thanks for the link to the poem, Persuede, it hit the spot.

NYCG Those camouflaged flower spiders are pretty fierce. The white one here actually seems to be eating 2 flies at once (it's clearer in another shot)

I wonder if they weave webs at all.