Sunday, July 26, 2009

From the Viaduct

You only get a good view of this traveling into Manhattan frompoints beyond Smith/9th on the F train. I spied it before, a few times when heading towards Coney Island, but it's not worth a photo from the other side of the track. The roof, before it caved in, was expansive and sparsely outfitted with apparatuses resembling space capsules qua retroviruses, translating easily into a low-lying lunar landscape. Beyond the ruin, the area which I believe is called the public space, toxic, I hear, and now boasting one of the most extensive meadows I've seen in Western Brooklyn.

Seeing it, I think of Guskind, and wonder how he would have reacted to the ceiling collapse, and what he knew about this site that I'll never learn.

The subway window schmutz apparent in the images I gift to you at no extra charge.

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