Friday, July 3, 2009

of the stars

Calendula, belonging to the family Asteraceae (not the Aster family, or it would be much wealthier), bears a name that seems to refer to a cruel roman obsessed with time. But I hear t is in fact a nice plant, said to have anti-inflammatory properties, to promote healthy skin and shrink tumors.

I was surprised to find my plant had produced a flower because it had been such a meager mangy thing, infested with tiny black winged and non-winged things, warped and struggling. Not only has it borne my neglect, its cramped quarters, the exploitation of the insects and the low light conditions of this spring, it now bears this feathery bloom and several buds branching from its stalk.

It seems to be the kind of time-keeping blossom that shuts itself up at night and opens again in the morning.


Kenmeer livermaile said...

I have calendula all over my garden. Yours appears to be an exotic hybrid because it typically blooms (and only that I have ever seen) in BRIGHT! yellow and RICH! orange, or a bLeNd of the two.

Let those seeds fall, do nothing more, and next year you'll have canelndual everywhere (easy to manage, though).

Well, you may, that is, if it isn't so hybrid it's sterile.

If it does reproduce, it will probably mostly return to its orange/yellow self but maybe with some groovy hybrid remnants.


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amarilla said...

This variety is called zeolights. Your yard sounds lovely.