Saturday, July 18, 2009


This morning there were a few beautiful moments as I stood making coffee in the kitchen, for a flash I felt like I was on a high hill with a crystal clear view among women wearing skirts 100 years old, the hems and ruffles making dark cubist compositions in the clear, lovely aether. From Boehme I had an insight into the word quintessence, as he wrote it as quinte essence, the fifth element, which at that time was considered to be ether. So after air, water, earth and fire there was aether, and I think this is still the case in some eastern esoteric belief systems.

Recently quintessence was given a new usage by cosmologist Paul Steinhardt who describes it as the force that seems to be causing time to accelerate as the bits and pieces of galaxies more farther and farther apart. I wonder how people can prove that time is moving faster now than it did at the dawn of civilization. Who's still around to compare? Anyway, it seems like life is always speeding up, then slowing down.

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