Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Beach at Riis Park

As we arrived at Riis Park this morning there were several police boats trolling the waters, looking for the body of a drowning victim. We decided to stay anyway, having already paid 5 dollars to park. My original plan had been to go to Manhattan Beach, a little cove near Brooklyn College where it's hard to drown, but having heard from a friend that it is one of the dirtiest beaches in the area, changed plans. Had I known the choice was death or dirt, things might have played out a little differently.

I don't know anything about the Riis drowning victim, but I send my sympathy to all those who knew this person. It would have been pretty traumatic if a body had washed up where one of the kids was wading, but then I suppose it's an honor to take part in discovering someone lost. Instead we came across this live sea star, found by my daughter, who quickly became convinced that she would become famous for her discovery, and who cried bitterly when we threw it back before we left.

The small clams which you can't avoid stepping on when wading in the shallows disguise themselves as plants, perhaps they are part plant. Amazing to watch how quickly they dig their way out of danger, floating their brownish-red wispy tendrils above them for a good wash.


Matthew said...

O, what a horns of delemma! Your own starfish vs. its life, although it may have been beyond that. On the other arm, with a drowning victim at sea, perhaps it was best to return the starfish to the sea, to even things out?

amarilla said...

They were slippery horns of delemma, too, the sea star couldn't get a grip on anything and kept getting washed back up on the beach.