Thursday, August 13, 2009

Coney as desert, with gull, underexposed umbel

The young gull's parent was somewhat near, it had dark grey wings. This was the biggest baby on the beach, with such beautiful patterns on its wings, I don't think it will get to keep those designs, though.

High points yesterday, learning that the original usage of the word mundane, being on the receiving end of Hafiz excerpts relating to moths (He is the lion of August). Also observing the tiny guillotine my daughter had made. I would fear a revolution, but I really like losing my head.

A line from Nicola Masciandaro's newest ghazal brought this passage from naturalist John Kiernan to mind:
A young man may say with regret that he has never traveled, but if he is twenty years old he has traveled well over 10,000,000,000 miles within our own little solar system, not to mention that far greater distance in galactial rotation at a speed of roughly 175 per second. And never a single mile of this amazing journey retraced!
I'll be traveling to Maine today, via Rhode Island, hopefully right side up, and I'll miss Brooklyn and the way it accordions wherever you train your focus. I suppose that can happen elsewhere.

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