Monday, November 9, 2009

brooklyn exotic

I believe the woman appeared eager to show us the Madagascar Cockroaches on display at the Audubon Boathouse. There was something beyond beautiful in the contrast of the whitish pink of the highlights of her skin and the beetle's blue-black and auburn lacquered plates. She turned him over, "You want to see his face?" I looked, couldn't see a thing, the features of the beetle's face appeared to dissolve into the darkness.

From the ostentatious pose of her hand, I got the sense she'd rather wear the glossy imbrications of this armored creature than the sparkling facets of diamond.

Monday bonus: my most recent favorite Kvond quote:
“…in Spinoza the Indifference (if we can borrow the term) falls to Substance itself which contains all things as a Unity come out of its unbound nature, a pure affirmation without lack; thus for him the differentiation of essences expressed in an infinite number of Attributes flows from its sheerly immanent, determined and infinite nature.”

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Kenmeer livermaile said...

I think him say the one same thing about everything is that everything is different?

idease: college slang for the Kant for Dummies series.