Wednesday, November 4, 2009

small world

Last week we entered the Magic Kingdom, and after a verbal processing delay I realized the man who searched my bag on the way in sounded like he was from Brooklyn. I took a few steps back and found out he's the brother of the woman that lives across the street from me, co-owner of the Hallmark on PPW. Hallmark, Disney, bag checking, Florida, Windsor Terrace; Makes a distinctive casserole. He looked official in his uniform with the sparkly badge.


Kenmeer livermaile said...

Brooklyn in brick red dawn looks cold of air but warm of eye.

firuslyt: in Russian thong slippers, the place where the straps converge between the big and index toes.

amarilla said...

It's a beautiful sentence but needs a shave from occam's razor- the moment was evening and the air was warm.

Kenmeer livermaile said...

(famous Woody Allen quote paraphrase voice): 'Now you're messing with my imagination!'... which insists on placing a late Octoberish ambience on that image.

And just to show that I can even critique a compliment, yes, I'm *that* socially misconstrued, I don't think it's a beautiful but rather a grammatically correct, meaningful stringing together of 2&1/2 beautiful tropes: "Brooklyn in brick red dawn" being the first" and "looks cold of air" and "warm of eye" being the second.

I have a problem with the 'this but that' formula as applied here. It intrudes a whiff of sanctimonious poesy and maudlin meaning that detracts from the intended sensorial targets, which I would rather be allowed to evoke whatever emotions on their own.

Yes, I am often satisfied: I've rarely met a cloud or tree or airline contrail that didn't fulfill my unexpected expectations.

BTW, if you have a handily anonymous PO Box, I have something I think would make one of the more perfect Xmas gifts for someone like you.

packe: Norwegian word meaning 'extremely inebriated', from packe, desultory spitting at inappropriate times, typically after vomiting on someone's rug.