Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Acorn Sabotage

I understand the Brooklyn DA recently found no criminal wrong doing on the part of Acorn. Too late I guess. I wonder if there's some way of holding O'Keefe and Gilles accountable for the mendacity of their slander, their misleading editing, but sooner or later I'm sure they'll need to, as my atheist-feminist mother would say, come to Jesus. (I find it not at all unusual that people calling themselves Atheists seem to best comprehend Jesus' preachings about justice, forgiveness, love, acceptance, good works and charity.) About the terrible paranoia that many in our country face, I think Elvis said it best. We can't go on together, with suspicious minds... To all those who aggressively play at polarized politics, do you ever have the sinking feeling that as soon as the joy of the kill is in your mouth, you've gone demonic? It's a bad, bad business.

I look forward to following the works that the organization picking up where Acorn left off, New York Communities for Change, hopes to bring to the city's impoverished neighborhoods. It is not illegal to have a heart, even if it does make some democracy-phobic power mongerers suspicious. Justice never stops watching. I'm not sure one can remain fully human and deliberately ignore another's struggle, or worse, blame the victim.