Saturday, March 20, 2010

heart on a tree

No idea who what when or why there was a heart nailed to a tree by the ball field. I saw something odd extruding from the tree's trunk, came close, was aghast. I didn't want to think about it, write about it, take any pictures of it, it felt ominous, brutal, obscene. And then it became the backdrop of my thoughts.

The haunting was less menacing the second day. It seemed something I'd dreamed of and not actually seen, and in this light, it became a metaphor for baring the heart relentlessly. It had me thinking about my heart, which is something I too seldom do. I wonder what my day would be like if I gave it over to that center of feeling that throbs in the chest? I think a lot of gifts would be given. And it's strange, in meditation, how the heart will sometimes announce itself, here I am, as if it lit itself on fire and melted in a flow of gold and honey.


knithound brooklyn said...

Heart from what? This is rather disturbing - the thought that someone has gouged out the heart of an animal (animal, not human, right?)

amarilla said...

Yes, disturbing. Who can say if it was gouged out. Perhaps it was remains from all the ordinary pig/cow/sheep slaughters, which aren't disturbing to many, and are unbearable to others.