Friday, March 26, 2010

lake char

On a recent walk through Prospect Park the lake looked strange, before I realized what I was seeing my eyes had started to consider the shatter pattern of cane and bottle floating on the surface of these shallows. I rarely see any evidence of fire in Prospect Park, and wondered if this was an experiment in ridding this part of the shore of the phragmites, the supergrass that won't let native flora get in a word edgewise. I wanted to put on fishing boots and pick out the bottles, but who knows, soon the grass might recover and swallow up the plastic again. Or maybe someone else will get to it before I do. Anyway I don't have fishing boots.

I think I've said it before; forgive me, but its a shame we don't thatch our roofs. I hear brownstone and phragmites thatch are very fashionable these days.

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