Thursday, May 13, 2010


I overheard some people talking about creatures and realized it's a very strange word coming out of such odd mouths as we humans have. But we can't help ourselves can we, given the compelling designs and definitive haecceities held by those crystallizations of organic matter we find ourselves among. Every spring I look forward to greeting the larval ladybugs I find on the spirea bush in front of the house, some say they look like spiny little alligators. This one took a break from devouring aphids and waved one of its tiny front legs at me. If it's lucky it will avoid itself becoming a snack for one of the birds that glean such things from trees and shrubs, like the warblers I saw this morning snacking on all varieties of immaculately green caterpillars. It's strange that these things that go so fast are, in a large measure, made of things that go so slow.

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