Monday, June 7, 2010

bound hawsers and fish tail

At Fort Tilden. There was a baby shark lying dead on the beach. I thought about taking a picture but couldn't come to terms with it. I think this drawing my son later did - a shark mobile, he calls it, was inspired by the encounter with the sad animal.


Lisanne said...

I love seeing your kid's drawings (as well as your photography of course!)

My thesis was called "What do girl's draw? "What do boy's draw"?" and i basically had a class of 2nd graders keep a sketchbook practice..your son's drawing is doing what I found many boys do, I called it "birds eye view perspective" or looking down from above, girls tend to drawing straight least that was one of my "findings"..anyway every child is unique so i could be full of academic hot air!

amarilla said...

Maybe you're onto something. My son certainly uses more straight lines and schematic looking elements, where as my daughter's figures have a gestural feeling. Maybe thinking about their drawings will help me understand them a little better.