Friday, June 4, 2010

over there

I was looking for the young Night Heron who I seem to have developed an attachment to. Something tells me it doesn't share the bond. I saw one adult by the rustic shelter, another smaller one closer to the Binnen bridge, and believe I saw a flash of the youngster flying from around the same area. Later I spied it far away on the other shore so, following in the footsteps of a similarly telephoto-challenged friend, I used my binoculars for a boost. The young one looks tired to me, perhaps from all that night fishing.

Two Green Herons flew in on the near shore. They can seem so neckless, and alternately, like they are half neck. Tricky birds. Grackles were eating some kind of fruit from a tree overhead; I could hardly see them, but could hear the gentle sound of their bodies brushing against the tree leaves punctuated by an occasional echoing plunk as the berries they knocked loose fell into the lullwater.

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