Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Dental Party

That is pretty much what it was, all three kids off to dentist Alan Azrak's, they gave us the party suite, 2 rooms adjoined by a french door, kid videos humming from monitors over our heads. Kids then outfitted in bibs and sunglasses then charmed and expertly wrangled by Alicia and Bessy who treated us with the cheerfulness of long lost aunties. Plied with light-up toothbrushes, nifty flossing gadgets and prizes from the "treasure box." The bill for the evaluation, prophylaxis, flouride treatment and oral hygiene instruction (no charge here) came to $504 for all three kids. I declined the xrays for my oldest daughter, hope I don't regret it. I figure of all our thousands of ancestors she and I would be the only ones to have our gums xrayed as children so maybe we can get by without it. But I know this is questionable thinking.

No cavities were found, which would have rung up at $255 ea. Good brushing, kids!

Now comes the party where I submit the claim forms, wahoo!


Old First said...

I loved this. Especially the photos. Your kids are cute as buttons.

amarilla said...

well thanks, I guess that works in their favor. do you ever wonder what's so cute about buttons?