Friday, November 16, 2007

Gold Digging at Colson

I've been eyeing Colson, the patisserie with a vintage 20's aesthetic which is on the corner of 6th and 9th St., next to Barbes. I know people who live over there, I often wonder if they go there, I would.

I went there today but maybe I picked the wrong moment. I had 3 heavy bags (yes, plastic, still hopeless) in my hands when I yielded to the impulse to dash in for a few cookies for the kids. I didn't see the little step up and tripped, flew into the metal and glass wall to the left of the door. Everyone in the place heard the impact and looked up. When I went in, everyone looked at me, and a woman asked me if I was OK. I told her it was just the bags that had crashed into the wall, pointing at my 3 overloaded Ctown bags. She said "Oh, I thought it was your face." No, it wasn't my face, but it was many things including the dozen eggs I just bought. One of which I later discovered had imploded.

Once I saw the delicately browned and delightful confections called Teddy Bear Financiers behind the glass the bad moment melted away. What creative broke type wouldn't swoon over the prospect of a financier, that is also a teddy bear, that is concocted with delightful proportions of butter, sugar, ground almonds and chocolate? But I was a little suspicious of these cuties. Where were their suits and attach├ęs? How come they were lying naked on a plate here in Brooklyn in the middle of the day and not marching down Wall St? And why could I get one for only $1.50? That's all I'd have to put out?

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