Monday, November 26, 2007

soapy curds

Here's the results of the laundry soap experiment, this pink semi-liquid jelly you have to squeeze out of the bottle. Luckily, nothing exploded and as far as I know I'm not on any homeland security list as of yet.

The stuff is weird and funky but I'm not complaining; according to the math, this costs around 1 cent per load, compared to the 70 cents per load I was paying for the 7th Generation detergent.

Here's the figures if you enjoy equations:

1/3 bar Zote laundry soap at $.99 a bar
1/2 cup borax (20 Mule Team) at 3.79 for 79 oz.
1/2 cup Arm and Hammer Washing Soda at 2.49 for 55 oz.
plus 32 cups of water
use 1/2 cup per load


I have become obsessed with Borax. I wonder if it's a key ingredient in teflon. I know it's crucial to the signature properties of Silly Putty. But that's another story. Let me just say that a 20 mule team has become an icon of intent and endurance that gives me strength in hard times, and hope, the hope that I'll be able to haul my ass out of whatever rut I fall into, be it Death Valley, the Mojave or just a bad attitude.

Or maybe a reliance on petroleum based packaging. If you are in the same rut, I hope you are happy to learn that you can buy bulk concentrated powdered detergent from Biokleen at Pumpkins Organic Market on 8th Avenue and 13th St. At $2.49 per pound it will cost you about $.30 cents per load and it's really good stuff, smells good, clothes come out soft and clean. And of course it's biodegradable, enzyme powered, easy on the Gowanus or where ever the wash water ends up. But wait until the end of the week to get it; today I went in and the jar was empty.


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Anonymous said...

This is cool! Thanks for posting it. Exactly the sort of stuff I get into. (But then again, I am currently experimenting with growing organic hydroponic vegetables in my kitchen.) And Viva for Pumpkins, btw!