Thursday, November 29, 2007

Upper East Side Appointment

I would say I gave up on finding an Orthopedist in Brooklyn too quickly. Now I'll never know what I would have found if I tried a little harder. Oh well. I took my daughter to see Dr. Scher on East 70th St., she walked out in a camwalker boot with conformation that all the little bones in her right foot were fracture free. Her foot is already feeling better. She injured it jumping off the top of the side of the grand Menorah bearing staircase in front of Beth Elohim, and I would sue my daughter but I would have to pay all of her lawyers fees and the fines too.

We took Arecibo Car Service there, I find they always pick up the phone so I call them when in need. When we were starting the trip the driver was stepping hard on the brakes every time the traffic slowed, which was every minute, and I decided to tell him that my daughter was going to get car sick, even though I was the one that was getting car sick. I hadn't even brought one of the hundreds of plastic bags I have stashed in the cabinet just in case. Note to self.

I was shocked and not at all surprised when my husband told me that studies show that having kids takes years off your life. So I figure ethically I can get away with pegging the motion sickness on the little one if it is likely to ellicit the necessary sympathy or horror. Which it did.

On the way home the taxi driver wanted me to pay him $ 4.50 extra so he could return to Manhattan via the Battery Tunnel, which was the route we had taken to get home. He said that was normal. Apparently he'd only been driving the cab for 2 months and maybe he didn't know any other way to get back. I wonder if this is normal, as he said it was. He had the air of someone already hardened to ripping people off. Or maybe he was just upset about something.

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