Friday, December 21, 2007

604 Perfect

This place is just off 4th Avenue, the avenue where the slope stops sloping.

I wonder what they make at Perfect. Seeing that compass and ruler on the building gives me a thrill. I used to play with things like that at my dad's office when I was a little girl, they seemed magical. I'm not sure what he was doing with them because he worked as geologist then, but he had an interest in making geometric art for a time so I guess the instruments came in handy.

I wonder about Raul. What was he like? Was he perfect? Has that mural really survived for 33 years?

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J$ said...

that's his date of birth. 7-31-95 is likely his date of death. 12 years is still a long time if it's been up that long. Most taggers won't go over a mural like that out of respect.

"Tats Cru" are more or less the acknowledged rulers of the memorial wall genre. They also do tons of movie backgrounds and advertising walls but they made their name doing walls like this (i'm pretty sure the one pictured in not by them though)