Friday, December 21, 2007

Storefront Churches of Brooklyn

Amazing Brooklyn image collection alert! Don't miss Rudaday's shots of Brooklyn storefront churches.

Someone at Boing Boing left this comment: One person's charming is another's relentless creep of organized religion. Seriously, come down south if you like that kind of stuff. Better yet, let me trade places with you. Churches like this are everywhere. I opened my medicine cabinet this morning and someone had started a church in there...

Ha! I am still savoring the church in the medicine cabinet image. LOVE IT!


Old First said...

And I love their wonderful names. "Mountain of God Deliverance Temple, Inc."

"Byways and Hedges Ministries."

"Universal Church of the Living God."

"Apostolic Church of Holy Fire."

I mean it, I do love those names. I love the leap and jump in them.

amarilla said...

I agree with you, a little poetry goes a long way. I wonder how long Rudayday collected these.

My church will be called something like "The Tabernacle or Guardrails and Pylons on a Very Dark and Foggy Road."