Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Can PPW keep the Pet Food sign?

I was sorry to hear from Icky that this Pet Food store on Prospect Park West had closed and that it's owner had died. My impression is that she was sick for a long time.

I'm glad the sign is still up. I'm hoping that whoever moves in there just keeps it regardless of what they sell.

Here's the sign for the new pet supply store that hasn't opened yet. The sign could be worse, that's all I'm saying. When will it open, I wonder? Will they carry chinchilla treats for our pet, Pluto?

The old Pet Food sign reminds me of the sign for George's, which Icky and Brit in Brooklyn have covered in the Blogs. They both seem hand painted, but the magic goes far beyond that. Check out the lines of perforations on the lower right of the sign for Georges, looks like something Paul Klee doodled there while on the phone. They seem alive.


Anonymous said...

Good stuff over here. FYI, I linked your Blog to my Blog, you may like what we do.



amarilla said...

Thanks Steve. I've never been in Holy Name, but I'm very curious about it. I'll read up about it on your blog.

Phill said...

Hey A! Fur, Feathers, and Fins is open (if not fully stocked)! Bought some dog stuff in there the other day. It's mostly just dog food right now, but I am assuming they will soon be adding the "feathers and fins" part. Word on the street also says the old place has been rented - don't know to who.

amarilla said...

Come to think of that I was standing right in front of FF&F today and looked to see a mostly barren store. A nice man offered to give me a quarter for the parking meter. My heart got all slushy.

Anonymous said...

(Steve's blog is pretty cool - I've been posting over there, chatting in the comments area. Sort of a "Windsor Terrace Back in the Day" thing.)

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Brooklyn is being over run by frat boys and people who don't know anything about Brooklyn.

Oh well change for change sake. Brooklyn ain't what it used to be.