Monday, December 10, 2007

Triangles (and other shapes) in the Circle

This menorah that stands on the North side of Bartel Pritchard Square (circle), greeting cars heading South on Prospect Park West, compels me. The fact that it presents triangles within a circle seems alchemical, and it also reminds me of a Southwestern Indian power motif you might see. It reminds me of a broom or feather duster, which is a fact I find significant as you shall see if you bear with me. It also echoes the forms of the nearly leafless Horse Chestnut trees in the circle, and if you ask me I would wager that a menorah is one of the many tree of life forms you find in sacred traditions.

I learned this year that the menorah for Hanukkah is called a Hanukkiah. See how cute one little "i" can make something? I also learned that Hanukkah means "rededicate," referring to the cleansing and consecration of the temple after it was defiled. I was so happy to discover these facts in a child's sticker book I picked up used at Babbo's.

Knowing this has meant a lot to me and brought me peace for some reason. It brings me the light of a new beginning, the brightness of dawn. Another day rededicated to attuning to the first light. The buoyancey felt after rearranging the furniture.

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