Monday, January 28, 2008

Brooklyn Calendar Girls Curbed

Who dumped this entire box of girly calendars on the corner of Prospect and 11th Avenue? It's a sad spectacle, although the girls look happy in that cheery mid-air pose. Who tosses away these useful time management devices candied with King's County princesses, who leaves Allison, Valerie, Meaghan, Sandra, Jeanette, Tiffany, Monifa, Simone, Yoliciel, Anna, Sheena, Yadira and Jenna on the curb like that, exposed to the elements? Who did that? I can't even figure out who gets credit for publishing this thing, no one thought to include that information anywhere. Maybe on purpose?

Whoever did I thank for increasing my Brooklyn trivia bank. According to my Brooklyn Calender Girls Calender, "Coney Island which comes from the Dutch word for rabbits, was named for its high population of rabbits." Am I always the last to know?

The calendars are kind of soggy and stuck together at this point, they've been there at least since last week. But if you didn't get a calendar as a delightful holiday gift and you find yourself near Key Food, there might still be a dry one at the bottom of the pile. Something tells me this is a calender few want to claim. But don't these girls deserve a decent recycling, at least?

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