Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Channukah Medicine Miracle

I just remembered that this happened. Intended to write about it long before now but there's been a lot going on.

I always wonder what I'm going to come across when I go to spend a day with my friend and teacher Irma, a medicine woman who lives in Queens. I've written about these things here before. Once it was an entire bucket of free quartz crystals courtesy of a woman named Emily on Windsor Place. Another time it was a series of strikingly similar images of scary snake woman baring fangs, yikes.

It was a little less dramatic last time. I felt bad going that Saturday because my son in particular didn't want me to leave, but he relented and I had my big day out. On the way to the train I found a box of books and stuff on Windsor Place. In it someone had tossed a brand new Ben 10 Omnitrix toy, something my son had asked for but I had completely forgotten about.

I should have left it there for someone else, but I snatched it up for him. It was Channukah. I also grabbed a bunch of very good books, one was historical fiction for children based on lives in a medieval village. When I gave the watch to my son at the end of the day, I told him it was a gift from God. If he thought it were from me, then I'd meet with more and more requests. But this gift came through grace, not any effort of mine. So I'm off the hook, yay!

Not long ago I wasn't much of a believer, but I've experienced enough magic in the last 3 years to change my mind. Wow, I always feel so unchic writing things like that. You should just see how my friends' eyes glaze over when I get rolling with one of my stories. Oh well. If I ever get an award for being Brooklyn's flakiest blogger, it will amuse me.

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