Sunday, January 6, 2008

Dub Pies, Dub Truck

Until recently, I thought dub was just something that rhymed with rub. I am so much cooler now that I know it's a kind of pie whose name stands for Down Under Bakery. Those pies are mostly savory, containing various steak, chicken and vegetable fillings. I had the curry vegetable for dinner last night and while eating it rubbed my tummy with gestures of great satisfaction. We wanted a key lime but by 5pm they were sold out of those. I'm really glad to have dub in the neighborhood, on the corner of 16th and Prospect Park West. The pies remind me of empanadas, and I want empanadas, good and inexpensive ones, as soon as possible.

This summer and fall I watched many of the shops on PPW die. The street had an eerie empty, windswept feeling. Now, by God, we have Pie. Can I even believe it? No.

They sell art there, presently they've hung works by a person named Hamish and one has sold. Does Hamish like pie? I should think so. But did Hamish paint the dub truck? Who painted it? It makes me happy, I don't know about you.

Universal Video, there behind the truck, is now out of business as most people know. No longer is it Universal. It is now Nive, which apparently is a river that courses through the Basque region of France. Nive would be a good name for an overpriced boutique.


Lo said...

I LOVE the pies. The tailor shop next door is also an excellent addition to the neighborhood.

Universal has been Nive for some time, which amused me, but I never had the sense to google it. cool.

amarilla said...

I wonder what will become of the uNIVEersal space. How about another Connecticut Muffin?

Phill said...

I was told the Universal space was all-but-rented, but now the "For Rent" sign is back. Anyway, less real estate, more pies! Can I say enough good things about these pies? I LOVE DUB Pies. I'm so happy we got this addition to the neighborhood.

DUB Pies for President!

Anonymous said...

DUB pies are the best thing that have happened to the neighborhood in a while! The only problem is managing to walk past them on the way home and NOT stop in to get one.
Does anybody know the story of the mysterious wood-fired pizza place that looks finished but never seems to open?

amarilla said...

That's a good question. And what's going on with that sign, it always seems to have been slightly defaced. I get the feeling they were unhappy that the letters were the same color as the background so they tried to change it but found it difficult.

By the way, DUB will be coming out with BREAKFAST PIES soon. Shiver me timbers! & Last time I went in the woman at the register told me a story about how a Scottish person went in and nearly cried over the pies because they reminded her of home. They brought her home closer to her because they eat those kinds of things there, as well as in Australia and Britain.

Anonymous said...

DUB pies now officially has breakfast pies and I can report that they are exquisite. Fluffy egg, cheese, canadian bacon all wrapped in that flaky crust...sheer perfection!

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

Every time i ask for a chicken pie they give me a spinach one. wtf.

And my salad sucked.

And the owner is off-putting.