Monday, January 14, 2008

Karaoke at Timboos

Did anyone go to this bar for karaoke Saturday? I have the impression that karaoke is a rarity in Brooklyn, am I wrong? I've only heard of one other place that offers it, I can't remember the name, but it's a bar on Columbia St. in the North part of Red Hook.


Lisanne said...

I LOVE Timboo's! and Jackie's 5th too, if they go down, it will be a really sad day, just so used to everything classic and "real" going away these days. You might be thinking of the Lido Bar, Magnetic Field has karoake on thursdays i think.

Ed said...

Alas...I didn't make it. It was a little far to drive from Portland, OR... (but I have been to Brooklyn!)

amarilla said...

Alas...I wonder what you would have sung.

amarilla said...

Lisanne: Thanks, it was the Lido Bar I was thinking of. How could I forget... I went to the Lido in Venice. It was so different than I imagined it while reading Death in Venice.

I wonder if they still have karaoke there.

Anonymous said...

Great memories of Timboos when as a youngster, my father would bring me down to hang out. He'd give me a handful of quarters and I'd play pool and shuffle board.

A parent could probably be thrown in jail if they attempted that today.

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amarilla said...

Funny you should mention that hoopscoach, that's been on my mind. But I was thinking about it in terms of the trouble the establishment would get into if kids tagged along.

Must have been good times there with your dad.

Anonymous said...


That never crossed my mind but you're correct. Only problem, the owner's kids were there, off-duty police were drinking, other patron's kids were there, so it was all good. It was like a 'day care center' while our daddy's drank and gambled. Things were much different back in the 70's.

Just the other day I went into the weight room at school with my daughter who's eight, just to say hello to a friend. My kid gets on a machine and a employee comes running over flipping out; 'GET OFF THE MACHINE, YOU SHOULDN'T BE IN HERE!"
-Hoops Coach
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amarilla said...

Ow, I feel for you and your daughter. Doesn't it seem like people are more scared of kids than they used to be? I wonder why that is. Cowardice replacing kindness and generosity.
It's a rip off.