Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pigeons on 8th Avenue House

Thanks to the Bed Stuy Blog I for one am better versed on brownstone architecture. But I can't say for sure what you would call this South Slope house beyond "frame" or if that window is a bay, hanging bay, or whatever. Does anyone else care? This house is probably around 13 feet in width. Many would avoid that, but a house that size can be very cozy, just enough. And as you see, the pigeons don't seem to mind it. They haven't flown off to roost on McCondo. They may be flying rats to some, but they can't be called narcissists.


Old First said...

I'd say frame house, with Oriel windows up and down. Some would also say bay windows, I guess.

amarilla said...

Thanks, Daniel. Here's more on that if anyone is interested from about.com: architecture.

"An oriel window projects from the wall and does not extend to the ground. Oriel windows originated as a form of porch. They are often supported by brackets or corbels. Buildings in the Gothic Revival style often have oriel windows."

Why the word 'oriel?'